National Transportation Secretary Says Cell Phone Use Plus Driving Equaled 3,092 Deaths Last Year

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)  recommended Tuesday of this week that all states and the District ban cellphone use behind the wheel, becoming the first federal agency to call for an outright prohibition on telephone conversations while driving.

Distracted driving is the terminology used today. As we multitask to keep up with our fast-paced and technology synchronized lives we are often distracted and risking our own lives and others too. Some statistics record that defenseless children have been the largest constituent victims and what does that say to us about our lifestyles and our attention to life? In these hectic times with socioeconomic worries and road rage and gridlock in the traffic and in the congress let’s try to eliminate unnecessary risks to ourselves and others and try to relax the phones until we are parked. Heaven forbid you hit a person over a ten cent call

Reference Links

NTSB recommended a national ban on cell phone use for drivers:

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