Carson City California Tea Party Activist/Supremacist Calls for Obama Family Assassination on FaceBook


Jules Manson a failed, wannabe City Councilman in Carson City California called for the assassination of President Obama and his children and defends his right to do so in the same breathe that he speaks of  Obama’s “treason” and the “eroded” Constitutional protections over the administration’s reaction to current legislation.

Manson is 47 years old and a 38-year City of Carson resident. He is a mechanical engineer and has worked for 12 years in aerospace/defense and an environmental chemist/consultant. He studied at Los Angeles Harbor College, El Camino College, and Cal State Long Beach. And, I live in and proudly own a modest mobile home in a Carson mobile home park.

When running for City Council in Carson, Manson he said, “I have a deeply held conviction that we can learn far more from a single opposing view point than we can from a bunch of yes-men. I live in and proudly own a modest mobile home in a Carson mobile home park. I am committed to never mislead the public nor make promises I cannot keep. I will always advocate for the taxpayers and always speak to you with full honesty and integrity. I advocate to reduce spending and size of government, for sound monetary policy, to reduce oppressive enforcement, to never prioritize other city spending over public safety, and most importantly to return representation (through reforms) back to the public where it belongs. I am fully funding my own campaign to ensure the voters that my loyalty to them cannot be compromised. I believe I am the most conservative candidate running for a seat. After reading my positions and the positions of the other candidates, I am confident that you will also agree with this. I am not a politician. I am the only fresh face running for the council.”

Julies Manson is certainly one to watch and to remember. Beyond political oppositions and gridlock there are still racial haters and real nuts out here and almost every president has had real and personal threats. We need a solidarity around guidelines for our sanity and way of life and zero tolerance for vicious threats to American leaders, children or segments of our public.

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