Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Expresses Fears and Low Opinion of Less Wealthy Americans


I like Ron Paul’s ideas about focusing on domestic problems– until I hear this stuff.  I think he is perhaps the only candidate that could be articulating a “full employment agenda and 21st century mandate” for our nation if he were to have such an imagination.

I can’t understand how someone so brilliant, like him is so stuck with an elitist bias against people without money and without power. He sounds like cynic and a conservative that is naïve about hereditary principles and doesn’t remember C. Wright Mills and Honors History telling real stories about people who came into money — by any means necessary — in ways that we still would not deem even today as positive work ethics. He seems to espouse non-intervention in foreign policy and isolationism as a domestic policy coupled with no solution for social contract repair and building new economies of scale. We give away more money to strangers in foreign policy than we do to our largest schools systems.

He say’s in Bettendorf, Iowa according to Reuters that ” I’m afraid of violence coming. When you see what the government is preparing for, and the arrests and military law, and the demonstrations in the streets, some people aren’t going to be convinced so easily that you don’t owe them a living.” He also adds, ” Through the looking glass, upside down and backward: All those people who turned out for peaceful Occupy demonstrations are a real menace, all right. The nerve of them, after bringing down our economy with their greed, recklessness and, worst of all, laziness. ”

The 2008 housing market crash was not just about people who could not afford the property they dreamed of owning! He simply leaves out solutions for re-building America and for correcting the commercial terrorism on poor populations by conglomerates with unhealthy and negative products . Ron Paul’s  like some ancient British aristocrat’s paradox and argument has zero tolerance for the have-nots and zero solutions figuring out what they are to do with a political system to support them the same way [it] bails out companies and send foreign aid that he would cancel. “Let them eat cake…a Mind is a terrible thing to waste!”

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