Atlanta Fundraiser & Reception for Attorney Phinia Aten

No one works harder for her clients and few have the level of committed community-based advocacy of Phinia Aten for Rockdale County families and youth.

Atty. Phinia Aten is committed to the principles of justice, equality and the rule of law. She is well prepared and has excited the whole greater Atlanta region about her opportunity to serve as the next Chief Judge of Rockdale County Magistrate Court.

Please attend this important reception and fundraiser for Phinia at the prestigious, Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint 200 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30303. Afterall the Magistrate Court is the “People’s Court” and the gateway to our justice system.  It demands a fair, competent and committed chief judge.  For the last 13 years, Attorney Aten has spent thousands of hours as a trial attorney in courtrooms across Georgia fighting for justice. She is experienced and adept in legal procedure, best practices and  effective case resolutions.

Groovetrak Network News supports Atty. Aten for

Magistrate Court the best in the State.

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