NY1 Food Bank and College Graduates

NY1  The Groovetrak Network News’ best source of information for all boroughs of New York City published a fascinating article on the increase of college graduates needing food stamps and support from its leading food bank in our tough economy. All Americans in our  local, national and the global society are tightening their belts in this economy.

I know personally that meeting college loans and  adequate employment  and/or business opportunities is a real  challenge for well educated people just as it is for anyone else in society. We have to truly empathize with our kids today, who come out of school having done everything “right” so to speak, and are not rewarded with adequate work based on job shortages and their own course preparations.

We all need to get involved with a kinder discussion and begin to share more information resources, barter goods and services,  and network about anything that will help people that we know and have concern for in general.

According to the “NYC Hunger Experience 2011” report, the recession that began in December 2007 officially ended in June 2009, and the number of New York City residents reporting difficulty affording needed food subsequently declined.

However, as reported in NYC Hunger Experience 2010: Less Food on the Table, even in the post-recession era many New Yorkers were managing to avoid difficulty affording food only by reducing its quantity and quality and relying on savings to get by. In 2011, the number of New York City residents reporting difficulty affording food declined even further, but a substantial number of New Yorkers continued to have to reduce the quantity and quality of their food and rely on savings in order to feed themselves or their families. In addition, groups among which food affordability issues had not been traditionally prominent (e.g., better educated residents, higher income residents) saw increases in percentages reporting difficulty affording food and increases in percentages expressing concern about needing food assistance (such as food stamps, soup kitchens, and food pantries) in the future.

Read the full study Below…



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