Whitney Houston Dies At 48

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Philippians 4:8

Whitney Houston has died at age 48. Her life is an open book in American and some global households. It is a “clarion call” experience, a family lesson and a public tragedy. Her good works live on in vinyl and digital media and her decisions are examples that should never leave another young woman with talent or not in despair again.

Whitney was loved like the girl right next door with a golden voice. She was a sister and daughter from a family that we knew well in church and in giant musical circles. She was an exciting young prodigy and had a voice that was legacy tempered by God for a special giant who spoke to tender places in side of us and she created ceiling to melodious sounds we had never heard before.

Whitney Houston’s loss is something need-less-to-say that many will feel personally for some time to come. Her death however is mixed with a bitter/sweet memory and I hope it means that we will use her life as a measure for how relative life and divine gifting can be subject to personal decisions.

We all want the best for our daughters, sisters and celebrities that can pierce the heart like the girl right next door to where our feelings live. We want to hold fast to her 91’ Super Bowl Star Spangled Banner; her movie appearances in, The Preacher’s Wife and “The Body Guard. We want to listen to her epic and epiphany, lonely and exalted songs in new reflective times now. We want to pray Heavenly Father, that she is at rest and in peace and returned to the loving embrace of The Creator in who’s own heart the quality and the humanity and the strength of her voice was made.

I am sincerely hoping that we develop programming for talent discovery and emerging talent that lend social development and mentoring support structure so that this does not happen again. I think that we could develop a new program called, SHEET MUSIC FOR WHITNEY  and keep her fan club while measuring talent and safeguarding their promise as family; their products as evidence of human capital and music commodities that contribute to their own estates as they contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GNP) under our cultural resources.

Sheet Music




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