Washington Post to Monitor Twitter Surges of Presidential Candidates through its New @Mention Machine

Social media (Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube, Wikimedia, Google +) has become part of the fluid way that we can now locally, nationally and internationally chose to reach one another for connecting friendships, love, entertainment, leisure and business with no space or time restraints. And because it is so popular with young people and those that choose new technologies — we have a “digital nervous system,” which was discussed  in 1999 in a book called Business @ the speed of thought by Bill Gates. Contact me http://twitter.com@wcalvinanderson

We all know that there is world of celebrities and the not so famous people that use their FREE Twitter social media communications constantly as a way of life.  We all know someone young and old that is a part of that world. And indeed  they are part of a networked culture talking to someone through every moment of their daily lives engaging in  their human whims, ideas, tastes, personal branding; where they go; who they know and follow and what they care about in our network-based social economy.

Well the Washington Post has now developed a new tracking system for people that Twitter specifically about presidential candidates called @ Mention  Machine .

The Mention Machine will serve as a quick checking system and visual barometer indicating the highs, lows and spikes in Twitter chatter about each candidate.   Halik, Zamora and Jennings  in their shared article from the Post says,”@MentionMachine is a new Washington Post news app that monitors Twitter and media across the Web for political candidate mentions, revealing trends and spikes that show where the conversation is and why. It launched Jan. 3, the day of the Iowa caucuses, and will run through the presidential election in November.

Since President elect Obama was the first to use and capitalize on the digital campaign through fundraising and voter participation influencing the power inherent in this technical democratic process and win the highest office in the nation —  it will be interesting to watch the digital nervous system as  Gates would say of this important election year.



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