Gideon Manasseh’s New York City – Greater NY, Local 802 Musicians Union – Celebrated Fred Staton Tenor Sax Player’s 97th B’Day

Photo: #109-Fred Staton (tenor sax 97th B’Day) with Harlem Blues & Jazz Band

February 13, 2012-Debonair, eccentric, compassionate 97th year old tenor saxophone player Fred Staton celebrated his birthday with family, friends and a full house jam session with the Harlem Blues & Jazz Band, at Greater NY, Local 802 Musician Union in midtown Manhattan.

Musicians and beautiful fans from across NY City could not wait to get on stage to play and with Fred on his birthday.  Fred easily blew-out the candles on his cake and announced his anticipation for the next celebration of his up-coming Centennial Birthday Bash in 2015. Be There Everyone!

Photo: #84-L/R-Sylvia Alston, Cobie Noreta, Tajah Burdock

Photo: #82-L/R-John Tanksley & wife Ann Tanksley, Tajah Burdock, Fred Staton (tenor sax 97th B’Day), Sylvia Alston, Paula Hampton (Vocalist Drummer), Al Vollmer

Photo: #089-L/R-John Barr (tenor sax with wife)

Gideon Manasseh / photojournalist 


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