NYC- Brooklyn: Congressman Ed Towns Invites You to His Website

Welcome Message

Dear Friend,

I am pleased to welcome you to the recently redesigned website for the 10th Congressional District of Brooklyn, New York. I hope that you will use this more up-to-date, user-friendly site to learn more about the issues that I am working on in our nation’s capital. This site will provide frequent updates on my legislative activities through press releases and links to my legislative actions as well as bring your government to you by offering links to government agencies, programs, and resources both in Washington and in Brooklyn.

To receive a direct update of the highlights of my work on your behalf, you can now sign up for a monthly email update.

I originally came to Congress in 1983, since that time we have celebrated many successes. Today, we are facing new challenges, from terrorism to the new economy, from healthcare to education – the issues confronting Brooklyn, New York City, New York State, and the United States – requires a full commitment from government and citizens alike.

In Washington, we have tried to address these challenges by passing important legislation to assist New York’s recovery, improve Homeland Security, and enforce corporate accountability. In the 110th Congress, there is much left to be accomplished. We still need a real prescription drug program for seniors, an economic policy that will provide job security, and a budget plan that invests in our future by strengthening Social Security, education, and health care programs.

I have worked hard to bring additional resources into our local institutions, our communities and our neighborhoods to help improve employment opportunities, healthcare, and education. I hope that this website will bring you a greater understanding of my efforts on your behalf in Washington and in Brooklyn. In effect, it will help bridge “the government divide” which too often separates people from the government that should represent them. Throughout my tenure in Congress, it has been an honor to represent one of the most diverse districts in the nation. I look forward to using this site as a vehicle of empowerment for all of you. I hope you will visit again.

With warm wishes, I remain


Edolphus Towns

Member of Congress

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