PUBLISHER J. Lowell Ware’s motto was, “A People Without A Voice Cannot Be Heard.”

The Atlanta Voice is a great and historic family-run newspaper that has served greater Atlanta and the nation (North & South) with detailed news about the “capital of the south” and state since 1966. The newspaper was founded by Mr. J. Lowell Ware and has been part of the black press information movement with the Associate Negro Press (ANP) and of course the National Newspaper Publishers’ Association (NNPA) which includes at least 199 other nation-wide publications.

Groovetrak Network News has taken great pride in observing the good works of Ms.  Janis Ware the daughter of the founder over many years. Janis has in our estimation demonstrated a distinguished love and care to preserve the paper’s traditions and to lead the publication to new levels. Janis Ware not only navigates her public information business to satisfy diverse and historic reading appetites in the region, she also demonstrates tireless entrepreneurial savvy to remain competitive in an ever-changing publishing industry with escalating expenses.

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Also send her newest digital features of the newspaper to everyone: friends, students, churches, schools, colleges, seniors interested in understanding how Atlanta shapes its opportunities. Kudos to Janis Ware for continued excellence of a fine tradition!

Atlanta Voice Location

The Atlanta Voice is distributed weekly throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our circulation includes door-to-door distribution, mailed subscriptions, drop-off points, newsstand and distribution boxes. The Voice has an audited average circulation of 40,000 weekly readers verified by the Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC) of Wayne, New Jersey. The Atlanta Voice has the largest audited and circulated newspaper reaching the most diverse African American market in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

The Atlanta Voice Newspaper

633 Pryor Street S.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30312

404.524.6426 | 404.523.7853 fax |

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