Raleigh – North Carolina : Un-Sung Hero: Rev. Phil Brickle – No Praise Enough for the Size of His Heart!

Luke 15:5-7

Reverend Phil Brickle (photo in white T-shirt)  is the founder of  “Lost Sheep Ministries” serving people in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina with personal ministry, charity and community development opportunities. We called him “Boopsie” growing up in New Rochelle, NY. He was very laid back and yet popular in sports and around the city as “just a great guy”!

Today, Phil Brickle is the type of guy that one would point to as the, “best example of where some one comes from”.  He has a genuine heart for God and a do-it-now constitution for serving people! He shows you selflessly that God cares for you. I have personally seen Reverend Phil Brickle feed and provide functional gifts for hundreds of people at the Raleigh Rescue Mission in NC  on Christmas many years before he became the Landscape Manager.

Phil is called on through-out the State of North Carolina as a down-to-earth clergymen to support charitable campaigns. Rev. Phil aka “Boopsie” is also called to our hometown to comfort families when they have suffered losses and to preside over special events when people come home for citywide reunions organized by natives of New Rochelle.

Reverend Phil is a board member for the Builders of Hope project in Raleigh dedicated to providing affordable housing and job creation. Reverend Brickle is a bright light in this world. He will never be found singing his own praise. I enjoy surprising him now with this attention and it is well deserved. If you ever have need to truly meet a man impressed by God and what God can do you need to meet and walk shoulder to shoulder with him. Groovetrak Network News is a multimedia force that introduces you to people that you should know! Communicate with Phil and “maybe” he’ll even let you call him Boopsie  :>)  and certainly we’ll see about more introductions to fabulous people from “New Rochelle” too.

Contact: Rev. Phillip Brickle, 919-773-4862. You can email us at contact@lostsheepoutreachministry.org and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=812067146

2005  – The Lost Sheep Ministry was 10-Years Old!

Lost Sheep Ministries – Vision

To evangelize the lost through the Gospel of Jesus Christ encouraging, promoting unity and showing forth God’s Love to all people for His Glory.


It is our Mission to reach out to the drug addict, homeless, alcoholic, unwed parents, rejected, and those who have lost hope.

Lost Sheep Outreach Ministry will preach, practice and present the gospel to the spiritually and economically poor, and brokenhearted.

This ministry seeks to provide food for the hungry, drink to those who are thirsty, clothing for the naked, and give visitation to the sick and imprisoned.

Raleigh Rescue Mission


Builders of Hope


Photos in Wilmington, SC


The Altar World


Media: Melissa Wade


Lost Sheep Ministries Website


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jus McKenzie says:

    Amen! I love Rev Brickle, awesome power force in the community!

  2. Lynn Daniell says:

    You nailed it about Phil. Great article and a great man of God!

    Lynn Daniell
    Executive Director
    Raleigh Rescue Mission

  3. Lawrence Pollard says:

    Phil Brickleis a man of integrity and passion! He is an awesome example of how the Lord can use an available vessel. I love him to life!

    Lawrence Pollard
    Personal friend and Confidante

  4. Ginny Oliver says:

    Those of from New Rochelle, NY (better known as New Ro) are proud of both Rev. Phil brickle and our good Brother Calvin Anderson. May God Bless and Protect both of you always!

  5. Ginny Oliver says:

    You know I will have to post this in the Hollow!

    1. Thanks Ginny you are always our number one fan and encouragement.

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