Poetry: Perhaps in the Third Century Too!

By W. Calvin Anderson


every time


we touch a drum

with our own hands we

add to rhythms that

delve past the skin

and add

to the

math and music and mental literacy

of our own ancestry.


every time

we open a book and walk our minds inside

We slide rules and trajectories

aiming at advancing

psycho-soul metrics

to reconnect

and sustain


Generational minds left off.

Perhaps when we



and Ideograms in

Fine art

and sculpt

Learning objects

with clay

and Gesture

the unspeakable

In dance

and bend steel

for sacred ground

to erect

brick and mortar



Human stories

and act



creating space in and for time

and achieve people –


 of another dimension;

perhaps when we

sing praise and


 and colors from

both here and beyond

We reach for new


to claim the past

present and accounted for,

for loving

a future.

Perhaps when We do

what it is to do

In the

Third century as


or strong performers

We inch toward

the Creator

in inspiration

And finish our own works

of God.

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1 thought on “Poetry: Perhaps in the Third Century Too!

  1. Calvin,
    I just visited this poem. I like it very much!

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