Gideon’s Manassey’s New York City: 19TH ANNUAL RIVER VIEW TOWERS “READ-IN CHAIN”

Photo: #76-19th Annual River View Towers Read-In Chain Readers

The 19th Annual “Read-In Chain” Black History month celebration was held last month at the River View Towers Community Room. The theme this year was: “Blacks and The World of Sports”. Readings were by and about significant people, places, practices, policies that have played significant roles in Black experience in sports, ranging from plantation competitions during slavery to the current athletes and their achievements.

Photo: #10-L/R-Onita Estes-Hicks (Event Coordinator), Assemblymen Keith Wright (reader, “Sports on Slave Plantations”)

This New York City-based “Read-In”, is part of the National African-American “Read-In Chain” initiated by the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English to support Black authors and literacy.

Photo: #69-Judy Thames (reader “Soul On Ice”), Onita Estes-Hicks (Event Coordinator), Mercedes Nesfield (reader: “Charging the Net” History of Black in Tennis)

The River View Towers associates used the opportunity to celebrate the past and their own scholar/athletes. Zorrina Johnson and Peter Kidd Jr. for instance were celebrated. Zorriana Johnson is a rising star and a freshman at St. Vincent Ferrer High School. She has been a source of pride for the community since she was seven years old with her passion for tennis and is fortunate enough to be trained by Mrs. Arvellia Myers at the Riverbank State Park. Also remembered was Peter Kidd, Jr. who was a member of the Harlem Little League team that Coach Morris McWilliams famously prepared for the Little League World Series. Peter distinguished himself in 2002 by placing 3rd in United States and 5th in the world. What a great and reflective event especially since River View has its own read on athletes and stars.

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