Atlanta: Emancipated Foster Care Teens and Emerging Adults Have A New Friend: The L.I.S.T. Academy: Executive Committee

Photo: L/R      Aduke Aremu, Michelle M. Freeman, Delores Armour (Founder/Director), Joi Williams

Foster care children who are emancipated from government funded programs when they are 18 in most states still need supportive services. Aged-out (of program) foster care teens and emerging adults here in Atlanta have a new life-skills training program and dynamic organizational friend in The L.I.S.T. Academy founded by Delores Armour. This transitional program for young adults from 18-22 years of age will utilize both staff and volunteers who are seasoned and dedicated professionals from education, counseling, public and private industry.

This extremely competent executive committee works diligently to find a location in Atlanta proper and puts finishing touches on staff commitments. Program offerings include professional services in test-preparation for GED, SAT and ACT assessments; career preparation services to introduce Job Skills, Computer Literacy; social and preventive health preparation services to employ Life-Skills, and comprehensive Drug and Personal Counseling. The program will also offer “added-value” and constant motivational encouragement from  Guest Speakers, Mentors and Targeted Field Trips to greater Atlanta and regional program support systems. The L.I.S.T. Academy does not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. If you are a program titled-sponsor, volunteer, tutor, mentor, business owner, artist, graduate student, retired or interested person — please call for more information.

Contact: (404)477-4649, (706)250-0305


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