Sports: Ernest Anderson’s Arena Sports: Lenny Dixon Boxing Trainer Westchester New York

Mr. Lenny Dixon says, “boxing is not a barbaric sport”.

Welcome to Arena Sports Plus! We will feature diverse sports, commentary, private referrals and introduce people that you should know. Lenny Dixon is a great example of a “winner” that you should know about.

Boxing coach Lenny Dixon is a native of New Rochelle, NY. He is the subject of a short series that you will be reading about beginning next week. It is a fabulous story that really starts to grow in appeal by watching this video clip. Arena Sports Plus is a sports feature news and information column by Ernest Anderson. This is where sports, old school-champions and deserving young people –  get their critical review “due process” and applause. We focus our appreciation on the fabulous exhibition and integrity of the human spirit .

Guess who’s gonna inherit Daddy’s Business?

We’ll tell you more about Ms. Dixon Next Week

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  1. silbo1955 says:

    Can you believe they gave Pacquiao’s title to Bradley? The rematch was already confirmed if Pacquiao lost, so I guess the Boxing Federation is desperate for another headliner! This should be taken to court, really! I like Bradley, and I was rooting for him as the underdog, but the best is the best, and we all know who really won that fight. How can you really enjoy a victory that truly isn’t a victory. In my opinion, this is going to put a stench on Bradley’s name now. He will never be recognized as a true champion.Split decision given to the challenger??? After all the connecting blows Pacquaio made? R U KIDDING ME??? Bradley lost this early morning, and Pacquaio was ROBBED!
    SYlvia Wilson NRHS Class of 1973
    Love to know what does Lenny Dixon (NRHS Boxing Instructor) thinks about the Pacquaio and Bradley fight? fight

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