I’m Sorry I did not inform you about my trip to United Kingdom for a program ,I’m presently in England Uk,something extremely Awful happened to me,I was robbed at gun point on my way to the Hotel by some Hoodlums and they made away with my Bag and other valuables. Presently my things are been held down by the hotel management due to my inability to pay the hotel bills which I currently owe,they even had to restrict my access to the hotel facilitates until outstanding bills are cleared and i don’t have a dime on me again,i had to walk down to the city library in order to send you this email.I have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding effectively to the matter.

I feel so devastated,now my passport and other belongings are been retained by the hotel management pending the time I pay my hotel bills.This is shameful,I need you to help me with a loan of 1,550 pounds to pay my hotel bills and get my self home.I will reimburse you soon as I get back Home.I will appreciate whatever you can assist me with. Let me know whatever amount you can help me with.

Hopes on you,e

This fraudulent email was sent to all my contacts and then they erased my contacts in my account. Beware!

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