Knowledge-based Media USA : WABC TV “Like it Is” TV Host of 45-Years – Gil Noble Dies

The Daily News reports that  the beloved social engineer and four time Emmy award winning television  journalist and talk show host Gil Noble has ascended this life. The Like It Is television talk show  was a staple for news, information and coherent discussion for 45 years. Television journalism and the careful study of ideas must now be valued and reconnected according to his standards and demand for purpose.

The Dean of Black Journalism across the national and international diaspora of black thought, Gil Noble has left us here in 2012 just before Easter Sunday and high-religious weekend of intense reflection.  Gil Noble’s tireless humanitarian commitment and respect for social action and collective work and responsibility for a better America and a better world — will be a guide by which we  must shape media’s duty to present “leadership endowed” questions for critical thinkers and their discussions. This was his foundation and example! Gil Noble worked year after year un-compromised towards improving a savvy and ready interest in quality media, responsible journalism and I believe hoping for a current and generational appreciation for a “knowledge culture” so that we do not repeat a dreaded past socially, politically, economically, culturally and morally.

NY Daily News article

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