Stamford, CT: Stamford Innovation Center Positioned to Lead Support of Start-Up Businesses

Stamford  Innovation  Center

Guy Fortt, actor, voice-over specialist, scholar/athlete advocate, and passionate entrepreneur recently shared some great information for us to share across the east coast about an outstanding new business headquarters and facility called the Stamford Innovation Center (iCenter).

Mr. Fortt is very excited about the new iCenter because he says, “it shows that Stamford Connecticut (his hometown) will soon lead the tri-state area in business development”. Guy is CEO of with a sports division called ForttSports and a multimedia production company called Fortress Multimedia Productions.

According to the website for the iCenter the vision of the founders’ is to, “create a physical location to support the growing and diverse group of start-ups that are sprouting up all over Southwestern CT. Our sole objective is to create an environment where entrepreneurs can tap into the deep Expertise, enthusiastic Talent, proven Service Providers and experienced angel and VC Investors that live and work in our part of the world.  We want you to be a part of our community — your ideas, needs and contributions are an essential element of our plan for success.”

The mission of the Stamford “iCenter” is to ‘accelerate the Entrepreneurs’ Voyage’. This sounds extraordinary given the sometimes sluggish and very challenging networked economy that businesses today navigate in. If it proves to be anything that Guy is thinking it will be a  new and  supportive environment for businesses and perhaps become one day a ‘landmark and jewel’ for all kinds of start-ups headquartered in the ‘world-class” City of Stamford, Connecticut.

Explore the website for yourself!>

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