Raleigh, NC: Official Count 325 Participate in Lost Sheep Ministry’s Holy Ghost Block Party

Rev. Phillip Brickle celebrated his sixteenth year of faith-based community service  in Raleigh at one of his eleven events planned for 2012-2013. There was plenty of diverse young people, adults and senior. Plenty of notables and everyday people. Plenty of food, celebration, praise, preaching, personal sharing and clothing to go around at the “Holy Ghost Block Party” around 1500 Garner Road yesterday. The message was very simple Jesus provided everything – so partake…enjoy… and be blessing as you return to the rest of your day!

Lost Sheep Outreach Ministry – Holy Ghost Block Party
Apr 14, 2012
by Rebecca Forbes
Taking Back the Streets – Christ Our King Community Church – 1500 Garner Rd. – Raleigh, NC
Please click on link:
Please click on this link and feel the love, praise, fellowship and provisions in a way that only the “Holy Ghost” is…involved.

Rev. Phillip Brickle and Rebecca Forbes (Public Relations)

Blessings upon everyone,
The Lord blessed us with an incredible time at the Holy Ghost Block Party. Over 300 plus people showed up to worship, praise and give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Lost Sheep Family would like to thank all of our donors, volunteers and most of all we thank the Lord for once again for being so gracious and kind to us and blessing us with a beautiful day. We love you all and pray the peace and joy of the Lord in your life. Attached is a video of the Block Party, enjoy and observe the incredible time granted to us by the Lord.
God Bless, love you all

If you require more information please contact Rev. Phil Brickle @ 919 773-4862 or email me at  phillipbrickle@yahoo.com.

Lost Sheep Outreach Ministry Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 1 January 2012

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