U.S.A. Entertainment : Dick Clark Celebrated Engineer of American Pop-Culture Ascends Yesterday


Dick Clark, the host of American Bandstand has died at the age of 82. Mr. Clark was a pioneer of the music industry who created a production and interview showcase  genre that transformed the culture and the business of television for generations. Mr. Clark also elevated the American social image throughout the civil right period and beyond by evidencing a segment of American culture that celebrated talent and diversity. Through Dick Clark, music and entertainment signaled to the world through the power of television that [we the people] operated as one nation that danced, sang and enjoyed our nation together.

Mr. Clark life also epitomizes the “work ethic” having produced thousands of hours in productions and discovering hundreds of new talents that we know today as icons in the business.  Few Americans doubt the positive cultural impact that our historic popular culture has had on the world over the past five decades and many have yet to discover how much money and influence that “culture” translates into for  impacting tourism, trade and immigration. We owe Dick Clark a debt of gratitude and respect that we can not ever pay in full.


Wiki Bio of Dick Clark


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