Sparky Brown’s NC : Contribute to Return Judge Wanda Bryant to The Court of Appeals

I have personally known, Judge Bryant for many years. She exhibits the character, the courage and the MORAL JUDGMENT that is needed on The North Carolina Court of Appeals. We need Judge Bryant to remain on The Court of Appeals. I most urgently ask you all to make a contribution directly to her Campaign!   Sparky   

Message From The Judge

Dear Friend,

As you may know I have served on the Court of Appeals of North Carolina for going on eleven years. During that time I have written over 1200 opinions, always striving to be clear and accurate in my analysis and application of the law to the facts of each case. It is my desire to continue my service on this court for eight more years. I have recently filed to seek re-election for my Court of Appeals seat. Today, I ask you to support my re-election campaign in two ways.

First, I ask for your financial support. Almost eight years ago many people generously supported my campaign by writing a check when asked. Because of that support I have served and look forward to continuing to serve on the second highest court in North Carolina.

However, I have a fairly short window of time in which to raise campaign funds. In early December 2011 I filed my notice to participate in judicial campaign finance reform, which means my committee needs to raise qualifying funds before the primary in early May. Judicial Campaign Finance Reform requires that my committee receive individual contributions from as little as $10 to a maximum of $500. These contributions must be from registered North Carolina voters only. Please consider making your on-line contribution right now

You may also send your personal check to The Judge Wanda Bryant Committee, c/o Walter Davenport, CPA, Treasurer, P.O. Box 28628, Raleigh NC 27611-8628. North Carolina law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, job title or profession, and name of employer’s specific field for any contribution of $50 or more, so please include this information.

Next, I ask for your support from now until Election Day. If you are willing to help with my grassroots campaign efforts, I would appreciate receiving your email address, telephone number and other pertinent contact information, which you can enter electronically thru the campaign website, or by printing a form and mailing it to the

campaign. Further, please encourage your North Carolina friends and family to vote for me! I also solicit your prayers and well wishes as I travel across the state during this re-election campaign.

Thank you for your support.

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