Atlanta Summer Arts Program: Green Summer Arts Camp 2012

Green Summer Arts Camp 2012

Hi Everybody,

I’m very excited about all of you “ultra talented artists” participating under one roof to share your talents, skills, wisdom and knowledge with our youth through the GSAC.

To my knowledge there has never been a neighborhood-based attempt at this level with professional and entrepreneurial artist engaging k-20 learners here in Atlanta.

We make this happen, the possibilities for a really spectacular arts program is sure to evolve and we will be able to touch and influence many more young folks through our gifts and passions and  love of the arts.

For the love of Art,


This summer The Atlanta Green Technology Academy and Densua’s African Treasures will sponsor a Green Summer Arts Camp (GSAC)at Lang/Carson Recreation Center, 100 Flat Shoals Avenue Southeast, 30316.

GSAC’s mission is to create opportunities for our youth to explore and/or deepen their creative involvement through the arts, cultivate an awareness of Green as a lifestyle and as a means for economic empowerment and community transformation .

Students will engage in a variety of artistic disciplines including painting, drawing, ceramics, doll making, beading and multi media art illustration, as well as a course called Green Technology and You. All classes will be taught by professional working artists.

There are 50 slots available. We will recruit participants from the Parks & Recreation Centers throughout the city, as well as the public at large. *The fee for the summer program is $75 per week. Children ages 12 to 19 are eligible.

Open Registration will begin on June 4th at the Lang/Carson Recreation Center, 100 Flat Shoals Avenue Southeast. .Orientation will be held June 15th. Children will not be allowed in the program without a parent attending the Orientation. Classes will begin June 18th and run through August 31st.

There will be an Art Festival and celebration on September 1st, at Lang/Carson Recreation Center Park, where we will sell all the art created by the students and their instructors.

* The $75.00 fee will include a healthy lunch and mid-day snack. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch.

For more info call 404-838-0235 or 678-698-7134.

Instructors for GSAC:

Cheo Admini – Visual Artist and Designer

Joyce Lomax – Ceramicist and Visual Artist

Angela Ferguson – Art Doll with “Attitude”

Tonia Mitchell – Doll Maker and Fiber Artist

Sylvia “Gbaby” Rundles – Visual Artist and Designer

About Densua’s Treasures:

“We’ve been in the cultural arts business for 30 years and have served customers at this location for over 19 years.”

We built our business at Macy’s at Greenbrier Mall and it’s a great place to shop too.

Hours:  Mon-Sat.  12 noon to 8 p.m., Sun. 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.                Phone:  404-346-2766, 678-698-7134



Our Boutique/ Gallery is located 3rd level of Home Store in the Macys department store at the Greenbriar Mall location. 2841 Greenbriar Parkway and Headland Drive Atlanta, GA 30331

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  1. Thanks for the changes Calvin. If you go to Atlantagreentechnologyacademy and click on GSAC you will see a graphic for each of the instructors. I am not savvy enough to retrieve these photos and insert them, Can it be done that way? Cheo is our resident IT genius, but he is not here.

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