Greensboro, NC: One of Nation’s Most Progressive Minority Economic Development Institute to Hold 25th Anniversary Executive Networking Conference June 21-23rd

Thanks once again to Groovetrak member, Nat White Jr. we are hearing about an extraordinary North Carolina-based learning and networking opportunity for nation-wide leaders, educators, community organizers, small and medium sized business owners, students and other thinkers.

If you reside in North Carolina or need to network and understand how a “first-class” institute is run for minority economic development you are in for a treat June 21-23rd at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC so register now by calling (919)956-8889.

It’s time to link, connect and create at lease east coast infrastructure(s) that work together for teaching and learning in community-based projects as well as integrating this information into k-20 for young learners in keeping with U.S. Common Core learning goals. Our young adults have civics, entrepreneurial studies, sociology, government studies, and financial literacy in their mandated curriculum no matter what state you reside in. They should be there too!

The 25th Anniversary Executive Networking Conference Features

Education & Professional Development

Attend timely workshops, presentations and panel discussions tailored to reflect economic changes as well as current trends in minority business. Discussions are facilitated by cutting edge business and educational leaders.

Networking Opportunities

Take advantage of numerous networking opportunities in a casual and relaxed environment. Forge new business connections and reignite existing business relationships.

Connect & Building Relationships

Corporate Executives and Minority Business Owners build meaningful business relationships while participating in various activities at The Grandover Resort and Conference Center.

Who Should Attend

  • Minority and Women Business Owners
  • Corporate Executives
  • Supplier Diversity/ Development Professionals
  • Corporate/ Government Purchasing Officers
  • Economic Developers
  • Community Developers
  • Business Owners
  • Business Advocates
  • Institutions of Higher Learning

The Executive Networking Conference is a sponsored event supported by Corporate sponsorships and registration fees.

See The Itinerary


“If the economic erosion of many rural and inner city urban communities continues unchecked, then increased crime, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, unemployment and dependency will heighten. We must build businesses to create and retain jobs, and increase net worth in order to stop this erosion and create an environment of self-determination and independence.”

~ Andrea Harris, President

The North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development is a statewide nonprofit organization representing the interest of underdeveloped and underutilized sectors of the state’s economic base. The Institute’s working philosophy is that–information and business development are critical to wealth creation and to building the asset base among low-wealth sectors of the population.

Balanced information affords the state and its communities an opportunity to make responsive decisions. Information is key to sound public policies and private sector practices. It builds understanding and strengthens the quality of life for all citizens.

Business development initiatives are based within the three M’s of Money, Markets and Management. The Institute’s business development team works to assist historically underutilized businesses in accessing affordable capital, expanded market opportunities, and stable internal management and control systems. Through direct one-on-one technical assistance and small group education and training, businesses are positioned for growth and expansion.

The Institute’s work is grounded within the State’s goal of achieving widely shared prosperity.


Our mission is to strengthen the asset base of limited resource populations as a means of building economically vibrant and socially responsible communities.


The vision of the Institute is to create an environment in which North Carolina’s diverse population is considered a valuable asset and is engaged as a productive, contributing sector.


By using a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and interdependent strategy, the Institute strives to increase productive outcomes for groups with limited resources. The Institute’s technical support, research, and information activities are structured to foster business, community, and educational/leadership development. These targeted initiatives are showing positive results across the state.

NCIMED has also engaged in policy research and analysis on the state of and emergent trends in North Carolina’s low-wealth and minority communities. By closing that data and information gap and engendering discussion on the social and economic challenges confronting those communities, the Institute facilitates the formation of new and more effective partnerships, strategies, and citizen driven initiatives responsive to the needs of North Carolina’s disadvantaged populations.

On-Going Commitment

Despite these advances, the economic gulf between North Carolina’s majority and minority communities remains wide. Fueled by its mission to “build economically vibrant and socially responsible communities,” the Institute is committed to closing this gap. As the only organization of its kind in the United States, the Institute has become not only a valuable resource for the state, but a true model for the nation.



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