ATLANTA – 2012 WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT NETWORK (WEN) – Women’s Conference October 12-14-25th

The Women’s Empowerment Network Conference is a 2-day leadership/ empowerment event with an optional 3rd day Business Consultation Workshop that provides a unique opportunity for women to re-new their mind, re-define their goals, and re-imagine their lives for new levels of success. The speakers at the WEN™ conference are individuals who have proven track records of success in finance, business, personal and spiritual development making this a can’t miss event!

Re-New Your Mind

Creating a space for women to re-new and re-energize their mind and spirit for personal change and growth in all areas of their life.

Re-Define Your Goals

Empowering women to re-define their goals and develop new strategies for achieving them.

Re-Imagine Your Life for New Levels of Success

Empowering women to re-imagine their lives at new levels of success.


The Women’s Empowerment Network’s mission and purpose is to create environments for women to explore and discover their passion, purpose, and power.  Through unique experiences and mediums, WEN™ connects women and women’s organizations together for training, empowerment, information, and networking opportunities.  It is our desire to build a strong network of women and women’s organizations that create experiences for women to grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.  The primary aim of WEN™ is to develop platforms in which women are celebrated, elevated, and educated on strategies to achieve new levels of success.  Such platforms include, but are not limited to:

  • Women’s Empowerment Network Conferences
  • A Women’s Empowerment Network Magazine
  • A Women’s Empowerment Network Annual Awards Gala
  • Quarterly Women’s Networking Events

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