Poem for Jay-Z: Jigga get bigger with what you’re doing!

By. W. Calvin Anderson                                                                                                           April 12, 2013

We’re proud of your accomplishments

but rap ain’t created English monuments,

and Billy Joel mixed with Ambien

ain’t the breakfast for a champion,

we’re all getting older

 and our complexities more so,

so stop swinging at piñatas

before Blue tells you also.

You ain’t havin’ a melt down and every crown usually rebounds…

sound bites — get the weirder

call it domestic theatre

and management gets the richer  cause we stepped into their picture

broader thinkers

had plans cause temptation’s just a man,

broader thinkers

had plans

cause temptations just a man.


I  ain’t iambic pentameter but reflection is a perimeter

and this ain’t reprimand in diameter cause we ‘love ya’ll.

Poets only grow-up

weakness only show-up

but when life is “the game” any footprint’s just lame.

When life is “the game” any people are just lame.

Fire your PR  they ain’t makin’ you no allstar.

All that money is wasted the way the papers are pasted.

There’s our ancestors and history

and living ain’t no mystery.


lip-sync at the Whitehouse  and Cuba for a break

I am not surmising but if you were me

sitting back and looking


who is advising?

Some of your staff is laughing watching you throw the blows

it’s a 21st century story  of the dude With No Clothes.

Beefin’ as a precedent

don’t make you no president.

So go back to chill

the with the patience and the poise we love still.

Check out LL and Paisley

 is doing it so we stay free

LL and Paisley is doing painful


so we can stay free.

PDiddy studied “Raisun” and

Snoops rocked “The Tenants”

there are other level

that you can but you

haven’t been in it.

All of this maturity

Support you to understand

Nas taught the children

and I know you can.

We believe in you brother so tomorrow let’s grove

use the Barclay for obesity and  invite Michelle for Let’s Move.

Jig is my #$^&@*!!

but I am too cornball to say that

It gives collateral damages to a century

 in ways we  never can take back.

Let’s not flip heroes/sheroes  in their graves so the elders

Don’t sag you in contempt because the future too priceless

and we bury what we dreamt.

There’s too much at stake here

to lose in a weekend or more

so unless your encore

is North Korea

persuading Moon from

attacking us



bring your love back home

so we all can see ya for real.

No one’s perfect….

so Jigga get bigger with what you doing.

It ain’t your cash,

Obama’s sash


my tis of there


the best

that you can shape




we can’t do the math

on what

we can ruin

think of the kids

the families

the hoods



 just get bigger in what you are doin’.

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