Tricia’s North Carolina: North Carolina Central University to Host Critical Health Disparities Conference

NCCU Health Disparities

By Tricia Anderson-Winters:

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Thanks to the noted grants-writer and program developer, Nat White  Jr. we at Groovetrak have heard about North Carolina Central University (Durham, NC) hosting an extraordinary health disparities conference Thursday through Saturday of this week called, “Pursuing Health Equity Through Translational Research and Partnerships” is North Carolina Central University’s (NCCU) inaugural conference exploring issues impacting health equity. Call now to attend at (919)530-6100!

This conference is an outgrowth of NCCU’s academic and research commitment to the amelioration of health disparities specifically, and overall health and wellness in general. In order to successfully achieve health equity, the conduct of translational research and the establishment of innovative partnerships is imperative.

Conference Goal
The goal of “Pursuing Health Equity Through Translational Research and Partnerships” is to provide valuable context for the open discussion of critical questions addressing issues impacting health disparities in diverse communities.

Conference Objectives

  • Increase knowledge of state-of-the art biomedical and social science research methods utilized in the study and intervention of health disparities.
  • Enhance understanding of cultural, economic and environmental policies as well as other social determinants that contribute to disparate health.
  • Highlight the importance of translational and community-engaged research in addressing specific diseases of disparities.
  • Stimulate and increase the knowledge and interest of students and junior investigators to engage in research addressing health equity.
  • Promote networking, initiation of local, state, regional and national cooperative efforts and consortiums committed the advancement of health equity.


Conference Content
PreConference workshops will equip participants with a common vocabulary for fruitful transdisciplinary discussions by describing critical tools in effective health disparities research; specifically, the generation and management of data and the invaluable element of cultural relevance/competence in effectively engaging minority populations in behavioral change at the individual and community level.

The content of the subsequent two days will be punctuated with keynote/plenary addresses by leaders at the intersection of science and public policy. Among the presenters will be National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities Director, John Ruffin, Ph.D. Conference breakout and poster sessions will be organized in accordance to the following:

  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms of disparate diseases
  • Creation and application of health and environmental policy impacting health equity
  • Role of community engaged research in improving health outcomes
  • Innovative research addressing health disparities

Conference Attendees

The content of this Conference is directed towards the following:

Basic research scientists
Social scientists
Public health officials
Translational researchers
Clinical researchers
University administrators
Teaching faculty
Postdoctoral fellows
Healthcare providers
Community advisory boards

Conference Sponsors

sponsorLogos NCCU


Web Link

NCCU  Disparities Conference,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45368065,d.eWU&fp=ede1509058babf5a&biw=1366&bih=638

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