Donations and Campers Needed Now for An Extraordinary 2013 Upstate NY Camp Experience

Camp Eureka cut out

YES! Camp Eureka is a nearly 60 years old co-ed sleep-away camp upstate New York located 125 miles north of New York City in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in Roscoe, New York. The camp has served children from all boroughs of New York City and cities in Westchester. It is now registering campers and asking for sponsors and donations large and small.

Publisher, W. Calvin Anderson a Westchester County native of New Rochelle, NY attended during the summers of 1967 and 1968 with campers from New Rochelle, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan. Calvin says, “I almost cried for real, when I found out that Camp Eureka was still in business! Not only is this camp an extraordinary social experience bringing all regional New York kids together it was fun and helped me to grow-up a lot. Because of Eureka I had friends in NYC and when I was older went into NYC and learned about theatre, arts, historic landmarks and jobs in Midtown. The “people skills” learned way back then helped me when I went to Boston to go to college too with young people from all over.”

Camp Eureka also to its credit is located environmentally on a magnificent 968 acre estate of owned by The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, State of New York. It is managed by the Eureka Grand Chapter, Prince Hall Order Eastern Star.
The mission of the camp is to nurture the growth of the campers through individual and group activities that encourage team participation. The camp offers a diversified program for boys and girls from all backgrounds ages 6 to 14 years.

Roscoe NY Photo
We believe that our children are the future. As parents and educators, it is our job to nurture them, guide them and provide the best possible experiences during their formative years. That’s where Camp Eureka comes in. Summers at Camp Eureka provide kids with an ideal environment to grow, a place where they can experience physical, social and emotional growth. Our philosophy is that children need guidance more than they need instruction – in other words, we don’t dictate their path, we let them discover it for themselves.

Accommodations are available for 120 campers and 25 staff members per 2 week session. Campers are housed in spacious cabins with hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing facilities. Dining, medical and laundry facilities are also available onsite. Three well balanced meals and snacks are served daily to the campers and are prepared in a state of the art kitchen.

Donations in any amount are welcomed. Sessions are July 7th to July 20th 2013 and July 21st to August 3rd 2013. Campers ages 6 to 14 may apply for 2 or 4 weeks. The cost of each camper is $800 for two whole weeks upstate. To register your child for Camp Eureka call Ms. Marshan Mason Gainer the Outreach Committee Chairperson at (212) 283-0090 (cell),
Website: or write to Camp Eureka c/o Prince Hall Masonic Lodge , 454 155 Street, NY 10032

Bernetha Lyle- Chairman
Marshan Mason-Gainer-Co-Chair
Barbara Outlaw Barmore-Tresurer
Berta A. Quick- Financial Secretary
Mary L. Boyd-Foy-Recording Secretary
Wilma J. Johnson- Personnel

Viola Smalls- Grand Worthy Matron
Daniel Dicks- Grand Worthy Patron
Dorian R. Glover 33*
Most Worshipful Grand Master

Maxine Colden
Loretta Wilson Cousin
Tracyavon S. Ford
Karen Hill
Lisa D. Horton
Blondell Joyner
Delores Lopes
Norma Diggs-Murell
Linda Tyson
Solomon Wallace
M. Teah Wulah
Camp Eureka logo

“A hundred years from now it will not matter how much money I had in my bank account, the kind of house I lived in, or the type of car I drove… But what will matter is, that I made a difference in the life of a child”

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