Feds Fail to Appeal: Underaged Females Can Buy Morning After Pills

This doesn’t make sense and it is very out-of-context considering the many positive first family ’empowerment’ agendas. Judicially, the Obama Administration should not have been relaxed on their appeal against this legal measure which now only encourages minors to “sneak around” and have sex. We may as well super-size condoms and ‘morning after’ pills for recreation. We couldn’t imagine the first family girls being permitted to buy this adult product line.

Talk to your girls and talk to your boys! Family discussions must be very direct, sincere and effective these days with this kind of ruling on over the counter products. Teen moral trepidations, pregnancy, exposure to life threatening diseases and unnecessary headaches for a minor dealing with nit wit “baby mommas or daddies” is what faces youth having under-aged sexual relations.

According to CNN — The Obama administration will allow minors to obtain one form of the emergency contraception known as the “morning-after pill,” dropping its appeal of a judge’s order requiring it to be sold over the counter.

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U.S. District Judge Edward Korman had ruled in April that the government must allow over-the-counter sales, and a federal appeals court rejected the administration’s challenge to that ruling last week. The administration had been criticized by some women’s rights groups for trying to stop contraception sales to underage females.

In a Monday letter to Korman, Justice Department attorneys said the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services had agreed to make the single-pill version of the drug available “without age or point-of-sale restrictions.”


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