Florida/Global Village : Waiting for the George Zimmerman Verdict

Illustration graphic

The George Zimmerman Murder Trial has had all of us and American 2012-13 nomenclature on “trial”: Trayvon and his family and friends, George Zimmerman and his, American racism and profiling, legal rights and unique privileges, Zip Code politics, Amazon Ice Tea, Skittles, NBA Finals, Florida Policing, Florida State Law, women jurists, youth, blacks, Peruvians, Jewish descendants.

We now understand as the world watches this domestic tragedy that we live in a pluralistic society and domestic servants have to be concerned about how precious life is to all the people of America. We protect nations around the world [together] as diverse citizens. Our children growing up in the USA have to be safe at home from senseless violence. We have seen too many funerals recently : Sandy Hook, CT, black on black violence Chicago, Westchester, NY… and this case that it is my right to interpret that involved a kid running back from a 7-11 with a large can of Ice Tea and candy to enjoy the basketball play-offs (like the rest of the nation).

We can only honor Trayvon in our future when we all train our children about the neighborhoods, cities and the world that they live in with home-made courses about: people, adversity, functional education, family and ethnic history and generational intentions, commonsense, self-defense, self-leadership, Constitutional principles, Law, personal, family, county, city, national, global, economics, community-awareness, community-action and The higher power over the human condition.

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