Careers: Start Your Own Winery – “Virticulture and Enology Programs” -Here’s How You Make-it-Happen in NC and NYS

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I think that it is interesting and innovative for east coast students to be able to study “how-to” develop a winery and get involved in the enormous industry that goes back eons.

Surry Community College logoIn North Carolina there is a program offered by Surry Community College. Here is what they have to say.

Curriculum Description

The Viticulture & Enology curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for various careers in the grape growing and wine making industry. Classroom instruction, laboratory and field applications of viticultural/enological principles and practices are included in the program of study.

Course work in viticulture includes aspects of plant science, vineyard stock selection, and propagation, soils, vine nutrition and pest management. Also included are courses in planning, layout, economics and management of vineyards. Those interested in enology will receive training in the classroom, laboratory and field in the tools and techniques of wine making. Related courses in microbiology and fermentation science, sensory analysis, and winery economics and marketing are offered.

Graduates should qualify for positions in vineyards, wineries, and in related areas of sales and services. Graduates in viticulture will also be certified as North Carolina Private Pesticide Applicators.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Viticulture & Enology Program will be able to:

  1. Apply the scientific method to solve practical problems of winegrowing in the southeastern United States.
  2. Develop a business/marketing plan to establish and operate a vineyard and/or winery.
  3. Recognize and apply environmentally responsible and sustainable agricultural practices in wine grape production and in winery design and operations.
  4. Execute a crop estimate early and late in the season to facilitate winery operations and profitability.
  5. Use crop estimates to plan winery functions and logistics to enhance safety and profitability.

More information:

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Cornell University logoIn New York State you have to get ready for Cornell University and its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Virticulture and Enology Program. Here is what Cornell introduces:

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell is home to one of the top viticulture and enology programs in the world, and internationally recognized for its expertise in breeding table, juice and wine grapes adapted to cool-climate growing regions. From developing innovative trellis systems, to breeding new varieties, to managing pests and nutrients, to siting vineyards and maximizing ‘terroir’, to perfecting the art and science of wine making, Cornell’s teaching, research, and extension in viticulture and enology offer unsurpassed opportunities for grape growers and wine makers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

More information:

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School and community-based educational stakeholder have to show kids practical applications for the science taught in school. This is only one option to use the educational domain.

Look at this too!

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This link below is how innovative K-12 schools are approaching Science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies.

See !


Get with the programs and make your science classes taste real good!



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