NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Seeks to Ban Donald Sterling For Life…


Adam Silver                                                           Adam Silver

The Commissioner of the NBA seeks to ban Donald Sterling owner of the L A Clippers from Clipper facilities and “the right” to attend any and all  practices, games of the NBA for life.

He is also seeking to ban him also from his “business decisions” related to business and player personnel decisions.  This is an ongoing resolution which has to be accomplished in due process. It is a decision by the commissioner for ‘the good of the game’ and based on having established the extreme  racism of Donald Sterling. The announcement of the commissioner’s strategic intentions… will be monitored by media, fans, players and some fellow owners.

This has all the makings of a ‘spontaneous emergence of order’ out of seeming chaos — when staunch racism is even accidentally uncovered at powerful decision-making corporate levels.

Please review the NBA game history and its relationship to African American Players. Click on the link below.

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