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Photo 4   Dave, J, MarlonPhoto L/R:  Marlon, J. Alexander and David Finn

It’s been an interesting and hectic first quarter of 2014 for Marlon Greer, Inc.

Greer MIST graphic

Last year ended with a bang as we finished off the year with a celebrity comedy showcase in  Manhattan N.Y.  at Club MIST Harlem hosted by radio personality, Ed Lover Ed Loverand



Talent the Comedian.          As expected, things went off without a hitch and as planned. TalentBefore we get into that though, I feel obligated to say a few things about the history of David Greer Inc.


First of all, let me clarify that the company is headed by Marlon Greer and David Finn. Hence the name, David Greer Inc.

Marlon and David 3    David Finn and Marlon Greer

Both of us have been working in the marketing and consulting business for decades, so working together allowed us to spread our brand even further. Check the link at the bottom of the page for more info on David Greer Inc.

Allysom Williams

Coming into the new year, we were busy with multiple fashion events, a number of which featured the First Lady of Def Jam, Alyson Williams. The comedy showcase I mentioned above was a huge success in part due to the determination to succeed. Having people like Ed Lover and Talent the Comedian to host was yet another brilliant idea as they were in classic form all night. Fred Bugsy

Kudo’s to Radio personality, Fred “Bugsy” Buggs and comedian A.G. White for also coming out to support the David Greer Movement.AG White

The winter months in the metropolitan area slowed things down a bit due to the brutal weather conditions which made nightlife events a bit difficult. Multiple storms with a feet, yes FEET of snow made certain of that. But as is always the case it just gave us time to go over our strategy and to have things lined up once the weather broke. And boy how things have lined up!

Our strategic business aims got off to an amazing start as we began the year working on a deal with Dish Network for an on-demand channel. JA Martin FUBUThe deal was done and we quickly found ourselves working out a deal with J. Alexander Martin of FUBU, with his new A Fashion Mind TV project. Manna Paulus was a driving force behind the collaboration so many thanks to her.

More recently we attended the final game of the regular season for the New York Knicks. Unfortunately, that was the last game of the year for them since they were eliminated from the playoffs a couple of games prior. Even though their season ended before they & Knicks fans would’ve liked, the atmosphere was tremendous. UNKWe were there with long-time associate and friend David “UNK” Huie and his business partner, Knick GM an all- time great Allan Houston. “Unk” as he’s known, is the creator and owner of UNK apparel.

UNK has been a main apparel partner of the NBA since 1996 and Houston joined the company in 1999 as the brand expanded. Allan Houston

We were in the building with them both. Kudos…


David Greer Incorporated and J Alexander Martin announce merger to launch exclusive DISH Network On-Demand Channel: A Fashion Mind TV

 Journal Entry – April 22, 2014 

New York, NY–David Greer Inc. along with J Alexander Martin, have officially announced their collaboration via Dish Network TV to launch an on-demand channel highlighted by J. Alexander Martin’s, A Fashion Mind Television Network (AFMN). With the outstanding work done by one Manna Paulus, who was instrumental in brokering the deal, David Greer Inc. and  AFMN were able to put the finishing touches on what should be an outstanding and prosperous relationship beginning in the first quarter of 2014.

The channel will feature trend setting fashion, style and design concepts while targeting an audience in the 18-45 year old demographic.  It will also feature viewer-created content, as well as artist profiles, fashion news, talk shows, documentaries, instructional, educational and reality-based programming.

David Greer Inc.  management agree that the collaboration will enable them to continue bringing their brand of success to a broader audience via Dish Network’s 14 million+ subscribers. Marlon Greer, Co-Founder of David Greer Inc. had this to say about the merger, “I’m extremely happy about the joint venture with AFMN. We’re looking forward to producing great empowering material and educational content for our viewers”.

The collaboration will also secure AFMN the avenue to showcase its cutting edge fashion content which will be led off by the reality-based program, A Fashion Mind TV. As J Alexander Martin puts it, ”the programming should be fashion and style-centric while striving to educate and inspire the audience to both create and consume the products they see on the network”.

About David Greer Incorporated 

David Greer Inc. began its work back in the early 90’s and is led by David Finn and Marlon A. Greer. Both gentleman have over 30 years combined in marketing consulting and have enjoyed 20 years working both independently and in conjunction with one another. In a logical move that had been a long time coming, the duo decided to join forces and form David Greer Incorporated to maximize their unique marketing and consulting skills. For more information on David Greer Inc. please visit:

About – A Fashion Mind TV 

A Fashion Mind TV is a new Dish Network channel that will be featuring trend setting fashion industry shows and is the creation of J Alexander Martin, one of the founders of the FUBU brand clothing line. Since then he has gone on to mentoring entrepreneurs as well as his work with the National Black Chamber of Commerce helping to finance small and medium-sized businesses through entities such as A Fashion Mind. For more information, please visit


Learn more about this merger, please contact

Marlon Greer Co-Founder , 13-07 Suite C, Sperber, NJ 07410

Office: (855) 801-4617

Cell     (201) 994-7388

See more and contact the agency


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