Stamford, CT: Khairi Fortt A Well-Prepared Hopeful for the NFL Draft

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He has been studied and examined, physically and mentally, for the past three months.

At times feeling like a business commodity showcased for investors — which, in a sports sense, is the truth — Khairi Fortt is relieved to have all of the pre-draft workouts and visits behind him and getting down to living a childhood dream: playing professional football.

The NFL Draft begins next Thursday, and in all likelihood Fortt, the former Stamford High School star, will find out on the second or third day what city he hopes to be calling his new home.

“It has been kind of a long experience,” Fortt said in a telephone interview Tuesday afternoon as he was packing up his apartment near the University of California campus to return to Stamford for the first time since January. “Interviewing, going to meet all the teams and see how the process works internally. I’m looking for it to be over. I’m glad I got the experience not a lot of people get.”

Since his last stay in the city where he first made a name for himself in the sport, Fortt has taken part in the NFL Combine, had official visits with five teams and has trained regularly on the West Coast, occasionally with some current professional players, most prominently running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who recently signed with the Oakland Raiders.

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