USA: Former CNN Special Correspondent Soledad O’Brien is Making News Left and Right!

I miss her morning show and special projects but this Delta Sigma Theta Sister is Busy! It’s great when people recognize what you do and contribute towards the future of it…

Soledad O’Brien, the former CNN Correspondent has been very busy starting her own production company called the Star Fish Media Group and setting up specs for the position of Special Correspondent for Al Jazeera America


 Photo By Susana Bates for Drew Altizer/Drew Altizer Photography


It’s one of the most talked about trends in media today: big-name journalists leaving an established outlet and setting out on their own. For Soledad O’Brien, making that move for herself has proven “phenomenal.”

O’Brien, 47, left her daily journalism gig with CNN in March 2013 and started her own production company, Starfish Media Group. Since then, O’Brien has been working on projects ranging from producing documentaries for CNN to being a special correspondent for Al Jazeera America. And she’s looking to step things up in 2014, especially in the realm of political coverage. O’Brien will do pieces for AJAM on politics and is also aiming to take advantage of her new position as a journalist who can work across different networks and platforms.

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Former CNN Correspondent, Soledad O’Brien Won 2014 The 25th Goldman Prize $175, 000 to Continue Anti-Pollution Awareness Efforts

960x540Photo Courtesy of   SFGATE. Com

PhotoL/R: Soledad O’Brien, Cheryl Hines, Robert Kennedy Jr., Bonnie Raitt and Graham Nash at the 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize Honors on April 28, 2014.

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More on the Starfish Media Group

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