U.S.A : The Brat Says — Yes We Can…To Cantor


Brat                                                         Dave Brat

The people talk and big money walked… in Virginia yesterday as Dave brat defeated incumbent  No. 2  Republican, Eric Cantor in the Virgina Primary. It was an unprecedented in our modern Democracy.  The tenet action-steps of a “people’s democracy” are:

  • voting
  • initiative
  • referendum
  • boycott

The GOP Battleground states are mobilizing now! +Dave Brat utilized voting block and has the capacity for initiative. Certainly we will soon discover his constituent referendum and public boycotts may perhaps never need be employed. It’s time to get our digital know-how together which Obama and company owe us so we can put some more $5 bids together for other in out next round of elections.

Washington Post has coverage.


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