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The book,Lincoln Community Health Center: Changing Landscape of Healthcare Access by Beverly W. Jones, PH.D. is a historical, social and economic analysis of the Black leadership’s struggle to obtain healthcare access in Durham’s Black community. The struggle began in 1901 with the founding of Lincoln Hospital to the present. The most distinctive remembrance of Lincoln Hospital were the oak trees that embraced the front lawn. Many residents grew up with the oak trees. In many ways, these oak trees became symbolic of the quest for healthcare for Blacks. Therefore their branches represent seven stages (book chapters) of the changing landscapes of healthcare access for Blacks in Durham.

Chapter one discusses transformations that shaped health care access delivery for Blacks in the Hayti community from 1865-1930:

  • health care needs of Blacks constrained by the Jim Crow period
  • northern migration to Hayti of Black doctors and a pharmacist, all trained at Shaw University’s Leonard Medical and Pharmacy Schools,
  • philanthropic support of the Duke family in establishing the first Black hospital, Lincoln Hospital and the Lincoln School of Nursing;
  • establishment of the first Black pharmacy,
  • and, education of Blacks from a negative to a positive attitude about health.

The history of Lincoln Community Health Center represents the historic and socio-economic empowerment of African American people guided from its inception as Lincoln Hospital by the capable Hayti leadership and the spirit of Dr. Aaron McDuffie Moore, John Merrick, Dr. Stanford L. Warren, Dr. Charles Shepard, Dr. William Rich, Dr. Frank Scott, Dr. Clyde Cleveland, Dr. Swift, Dr. Charles Watts, Dr. Evelyn Schmidt, Philip Harewood and many others:

-to achieve racial equality,

-to improve health disparities

-to transform institutional core values to meet the challenging 21st century demographic needs,

-to nurture and foster a cadre of community-capacity building medical and health care professionals.

See http://www.sepk20.com/

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