Technology & Business Cheddar : Rodney Williams CEO of LISNR, INC. Get’s $3.5M Deal for Development of Lisnr’s Audio-Beacon Technology


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Rodney Williams photo by Olivia Lane                                 Rodney Williams (Photo by Olivia Lane)

Logo LnsrThere are pioneers making money in the new technology boon. This week in the Wall Street Journal an article by Yuliya Chernova spoke of Rodney Williams who has a techie business in Cincinnati, Ohio and NYC. Rodney has figured out “how-to” use audio-beacons (ambient technology) to track music and movie favorites to personal smartphones. This is enormous in many, many ways and of course something-to-watch. I will need the feedback of all my network-readers to better understand as the elders would say, “what all…” this app-thing can and can’t do!

The JetsonsIf this intuitive personal technology (which was cartooned by the Jetson’s back in the 1970s) could be used to improve educational environments for “ambient, smart and intuitive” apps also. It could potentially increase student achievement and intelligent responses to  “valuable educational opportunities” for young people “away from pop-culture’s dead-end commerce in games, trash-talk music etc.” by leading everyday USA kids to discover platforms for rich educational cross-referencing and hands-on applications to academic domain threads in Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering, Social Studies, Civics etc. That… would be incredible for a company like LNSR, Inc. to pursue and share with the general public of all ages as we grow-into using newer and newer hand-held and environmentally embedded technologies.

I would love to hear a discussion with Rodney Williams and Henry T. Sampson, the black man who invented the cell phone about the human future of technology!

plug graphicMr. Williams can not only  support ‘big data’  advertising but also if he is so inclined, I imagine… he can also support community-oriented infomercials and announcements too.

According to the Wall Street Journalist Chernova… Songs we listen to and movies we watch can now recognize us, allowing marketers to track our locations, send us messages and otherwise interact with our smartphones.

Lisnr Inc., a startup with audio-beacon technology that enables those scenarios, just closed on a $3.5 million Series A round, the company’s founder and Chief Executive Rodney Williams told Venture Capital Dispatch.

app category logoCincinnati-based Lisnr embeds tones, which are inaudible to the human ear, into digital media, as well as into speakers at live events such as sporting games. Its technology is also incorporated into various mobile apps. The apps, through the use of a smartphone’s microphone, tune into the tone and respond in the way Lisnr’s customers want to.

“They can trigger anything, a song, a video, a purchase, an ad,” Mr. Williams said. Customers include Roc Nation LLC, Sony Corp.6758.TO +1.42%, Mondelez International PLC, AT&T Inc. and the Dallas Cowboys.

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