Business Case Study : Promotional Items for Large Organizations — Success with Proforma

Logo Proforma : A Business Case Study

Many large and small organizations need to raise money to sustain competitiveness and meet  financial operating  demands. Proforma has diverse and endless solutions for those interested in promotional items. Here is a recently published corporate case study.

The New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) is the nation’s oldest and largest state professional association for registered nurses. The association was looking to offer cost-effective, branded products to its members and the entire nursing community while maintaining a consistent identity.

Custom online company store healthcare industry. Case study. Proforma developed a plan for implementing a company store via our dynamic eCommerce solution. The online store would be a convenient way for customers to order a variety of quality, branded products. NYSNA was involved every step of the way. Prior to launching the store, the NYSNA buyers were given the opportunity to see the actual products and hand-pick the items that they wanted to include in the store.

NYSNA is thrilled with the store which features scrubs and apparel, drinkwear, bags and totes, accessories and writing instruments. The store and the products allow the organization to send a consistent image. NYSNA continues to value the partnership it has developed with Proforma and to work with them exclusively to meet their needs.

Proforma’s industry experience can help find a “healthy” place for your brand in the market.

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