USA: Marlon Greer’s Journal – July 2014… Summer Fun and Enhancements for the Project called Reviving Education through Artistic Development

 The great Stevie Wonder once released an album back in 1980 entitled, “Hotter Than July”. While he probably didn’t have us in mind at the time, he certainly could’ve been talking about David Greer Inc.! The month of July usually brings about the real start to summer where things begin to heat up and that can definitely be said for David Greer Inc. and our joint ventures with David Greer Media, Our beverage Navia brought to you by Wellth Orchards and lastly with our youth life skills program,

As the temperature went up, so did the activity level here at David Greer Inc. beginning with the American Black Film Festival, which took place right here in New York City. The festival was amazing and brought some of the best and brightest from Hollywood’s Black community out to support one another.

Math, Meth, MarlonThanks to affiliations with none other than the RZA and Allah Mathematics of the legendary Wu-Tang fame, we had a strong voice in the room amongst some of “Black Hollywood’s” powerbrokers. The amount of connections that were made there led to some very promising opportunities with some great people regarding the scripts.

Group at Film FestivalComing off the heels of the Film Festival was a trip to Chicago for the National Black Chamber of Commerce Convention. The event was a complete success, put together masterfully by the great The National Chairman of the Commerce Mr. John Harmon and Manna Paulus which was co-hosted by friends and DGI business associates, J. Alexander Martin of FUBU fame and the incomparable TV/Radio personality Ms. Claudia Jordan. WWE Super Star David Otunga got us all off to a great start to our day with his morning fitness routines.  Claudia photo below.

ClaudiaIt was truly an honor to meet and spend time with so many strong Black men and women in one place with a common goal: making a difference in our communities. The amount of Black entrepreneurs with the drive and determination to not only make it big but also make a big difference was incredibly inspirational as well as promising. It’s one of the main reasons we here at DGI are in business ourselves.

One of the many inspiring individuals we were able to connect with was a gentleman by the name of Reuben Canada and his wonderful product Jin+Ja Drink. A mixture of ginger, cayenne pepper, green tea, lemon and mint, it made for quite a fun time as we all enjoyed ourselves at the blowout yacht party extravaganza to close out the event.

Now although we had a great time while in Chicago, business never sleeps so keeping in accord with this, we are pleased to announce that MS, Claudia Jordan has just been added to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show which is on heard on the airwaves on 97.9 the beat and simulcasted on Dish Nation TV. All the hard work and determination Claudia has been doing is paying off and we can definitely expect even more great things for her in the near future.

Within days after our return from Chicago, we were hit with even more great news as we were able to establish a Fiscal Sponsorship with the International Open finance association for our Project Reviving Education through Artistic Development initiative. “This agreement is paramount because it gives us the ability to expand our services to assist more people in the community” stated Marlon Greer and Mr. John Romano Founder of International Open Finance Association added that “with this merger we now have the capability of channeling our collective energy and focused more as a laser than sunlight.” This will allow The Project R.E.A.D initiative to render our services to a much larger audience thereby allowing us the opportunity to have an even greater impact on the lives of young people.

With the valuable knowledge gained from working alongside some of the most influential figures in the

entertainment business, I focus on what children enjoy such as entertainment/sports and the desired to create a life skills program tailored around. This makes the difference in their lives. This program is designed to impact urban inner city youth, ages 12-18 through a comprehensive life-skills program that utilizes music and the arts as a mechanism to empower youth in the areas of academics, health education, career planning and social awareness.

Teaching the youth of the inner-city the much needed life-skills is essential to the continued growth of our younger generation often called Generation Y. If we can positively impact the lives of a few, we can potentially save the lives of many. Til Next time!

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