Atlanta : Char Grant Master Salon Owner and Celebrity Hair Stylist Has a Business Offer for the Right Hair Stylist/Entrepreneur!


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No one has to tell you that Atlanta Georgia is a savvy, fashionably hot and “world-class” business market.  Most people say Atlanta is like New York City with its business opportunities and like Los Angeles, California with its “ever-growing” movie, television, music, arts-industry productions and celebrity events. There is always a reason for glamor and fashion with somewhere to go and something to do with an upscale group of people!

Char Grant is the owner and the master stylist of, Charmagne Unlimited, Inc. (Dont’ Just Envy…Indulge! is networking to find financially-ready and licensed people to train and build her business network with. Charmagne Unlimited, LLC includes Salon Envy ATL, diverse beauty product distribution lines, corporate vendor relationships and personalized celebrity services to Atlanta’s television celebrities.

Char was born in Jamaica, WI and raised in New York. She is a highly sought after “master” hair stylist. Her clients really do include “current and high profiled” television celebrities and influential people in Atlanta, NYC and Jamaica.

Char is currently the reviewing portfolios of serious young and teachable-people who are licensed in the industry and “business-ready” to train and personally finance in a pilot private educational project to develop two new sister-salon operations. This private educational business project will include personal and business training; exposures to celebrity clienteles and opportunities to develop personalized beauty and hair product lines. Project participants must have the where-with-all to finance their own businesses. The entire experience will generate funds for immediate return on investments.

Char brings to this opportunity 20+ years of experience and an un-matched passion for her industry and a commitment to sharing her success with others to eventually shape a group to do even greater things in the near future.

If you are interested in this rare and profit-driven opportunity to plug into the heart of the Atlanta beauty and celebrity market call her now 678.358.7013!


ReneeContact Char at (678) 358-7013, Email

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