Durham Central Park. Org – Warehouse Blues Series – Great People and Great Blues Programming and Info. About “American Rooted Instruments”!


Mount Merrill graphicI spent a fabulous evening with the person that I call the, “Research Triangle People’s” Mayor, Marc Lee last night with some really great people! We heard the music of a true musicologist about the Blues and the historic developments of “hand-made” guitars. Justin Johnson explained in concert how they were used by Bo Diddly, Muddy Waters, B.B. King and so many others. Johnson also did a workshop on” the craft of making the guitars” by integrating household items with modern technologies that we have today. The sound of his instruments were incredible.

The “tinkering and inventiveness” lesson-learned… should be part of arts in education in our schools to re-awaken our connections to historic musical talents and fascination for ongoing American ingenuity.

Durham Central Park is an exciting downtown destination that offers a venue for cultural activities and is part of a 24-hour, authentic, walkable neighborhood for arts, recreation, and locally-owned businesses.

Durham Central Park, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that manages and maintains the five acre green space in Durham at 501 Foster Street. DCP’s sole mission is to create and sustain a unique urban park to engage the Durham community.

Durham Central Park is a city owned park and is managed, developed and sustained by DCP, Inc. The City of Durham mows the lawns and picks up the trash. All other maintenance, improvements and management of DCP is paid for by donations as well as program income and rental income. The folks below make it all happen!

Durham Central Park, Inc., is a 501( c)(3) organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

From <http://durhamcentralpark.org/about/organization/>

More on Justin


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