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Front Page Africa Online logoIgnorance in The Midst of Tragedy: Ebola Victims Unburied

Written by Wade C. L. Williams,

Published: 04 August 2014

The killer disease just won’t stop as residents in hardly-hit communities cry for help; but an overwhelmed health system is dumping dead bodies and leaving some in communities for days, putting these communities further at risk

Monrovia – The deadly Ebola virus continues to tear its way through the hearts of many Liberians leading to many deaths and even President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has called it unprecedented.

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  1. Deadly Virus Victims’ Bodies Left Unburied in Johnsonville
  2. Man Flogged for Resisting Ebola Dead Burial in Monrovia
  3. LPRC Awareness About Ebola Intensifies in 11 Communities
  4. ‘Silent Killers’: Pollutants Arrested Poising Wells
  5. Court Denies Retrial Motion in Pennoh’s Last Will Case
  6. Prices of Clora and Other Disinfectants Stable – MANCO
  7. Rumor ‘Untrue’: Liberia’s Fin. Minister ‘Does Not Have Ebola’
  8. ANC Donates US$1K to Samaritan Purse Ebola Fight in Liberia
  9. Liberia Petroleum Company Gives $75K to Combat Ebola
  10. Sawyer’s Final Hours In Lagos: ‘Indiscipline’, Rage, Strange

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