North Carolina to Introduce “Smarter Balance Consortium’s” Methods to Deliver Ed Rigor and Common Core Standards 2014-2015

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Smarter Balance


Common Core State Standards Tools & Resources

CCCS 1The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is committed to supporting member states and territories as they implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Working with educators, Smarter Balanced will identify high-quality curriculum resources aligned to the CCSS and professional development strategies that can be replicated across states. The tools and resources will be posted online and incorporated into the digital library — an on-demand resource to help teachers address learning challenges and differentiate instruction — as part of the assessment system.

Many organizations have developed resources to explain the standards and help teachers support student success in the classroom. The factsheets, videos, and instructional resources below provide detailed information for educators, parents, and policymakers about college- and career-ready standards.

Common Core State Standards Resources


Resources for Engaging Parents and the Public

North Carolina*

K-12 State Lead: Tammy Howard, Director of Accountability Operations

Higher Education Lead: Alisa Chapman, Vice President for Academic and University Programs, University of North Carolina

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