We Have to Talk About Racial Achievement Gaps in Forums, Homes, Communities and Schools U.S.A.

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Wake County Public Schools has a Strategic Plan and does have Town Forums and expects continued community partnerships. We need to engage them and get involved. If there is not something on the table that effects our kids then put it on the table so that the schooling is better in our neighborhoods and we also know how to support learning from home to the schools.

I respect that there was a forum to go to and that I could speak to superintendents, teachers, parents, students and media with a common interest. I say “put “children first: all of America’s children first” they are our futures and our politics,  shortcomings and fascinating history are secondary matter for grown up discussions later.

The statistics on minority kids passing at the end-of-grade tests across the nation is frightening and point to each and every one of us for no-nonsense solutions as professionals and as taxpayers.North Carolina and the Triangle Area has a Unified Plan for Workforce Development. We expect that school will support every child for 21st  century work. The must be home/community to school support for that! All American children lag in competitiveness and that’s not cool!

Parents, teachers, community work to set priorities for Wake …

  1. WTVD-TV ‎- 20 hours ago
    … are the top priorities Wake County residents want for their school district. … way to start in terms of talking about it,” said W. Calvin Anderson.

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There’s History on attempts to Close the Achievement Gap Circa NC 1999 — Not an easy thing to do until we…all…get…involved.


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