Food Technology: From Fred Flintstone Food to Soul Food to 21st Century Ideas of Food


Untitled pictureWe know that we go back to herbivore and carnivore pre-America lifestyles but most African Americans can’t trace our “culinary anthropology” as Dr. Ronald W. Davidson used to say…as well as new immigrant groups who have different eating habits to allow for generational survival without common diseases that we know all too well.
Most of the time the closest we have come to important “food” discussions historcally  was was while laughing and watching the Hannah Barbara cartoon called “The Flintstones” and Ma and Nana’s unforgettable, Soul Food. That was “food technology”!
Some of the outcomes of our traditional southern “food technology” has resulted in “the look…” with eyes over glasses and from your doctor when he/she is “giving direct notice” to  “cut down on salt, red meat, bread, dairy, gluten products — and when Mayor Bloomberg says “we can’t as a municipality/society afford the over-sized soft drink ‘outcomes’ and direct costs to future public health budgets related to known heath disparities...”
Next Nature . Net will startle and amaze you to-say-the least. They frames more for us to think about on the site and in its magazines and book than most could ever imagine today.

Reposted from talking about 3D Printers etc. (some links don’t work still a good read).

Flintstones foodWe want a printed steaksquare fishsticksdinosaur nuggetsorganic coca-cola,hyper fruitcloned meatpotato-free potato chipsfrankenweinvegetarian hamburgers and hypernatural tomatoes. We want vitamine+Q10 yoghurt that makes you loose weight. We want to hear the sound of a sausage when we bite it – we want notice how well designed that sausage sound really is.

indexAlready for thousands of years people have been food designers. How will food technology develop itself into the 21th century?

The Philips Food Design Probes investigate how we will eat and source our food in the future, like in 15 to 20 years. There are 3 products we might have in our homes by then:

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The work of the late, Dr. Ronald Davidson

Bio that requires young people to follow in footsteps…

Radio Interview with Dr. Ronnie–guest-dr-ronald-w-davidson-1


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