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Surgeon GeneralNational Prevention GraphicNational Prevention Strategy

The National Prevention Strategy, released June 16, 2011, aims to guide our nation in the most effective and achievable means for improving health and well-being. The Strategy prioritizes prevention by integrating recommendations and actions across multiple settings to improve health and save lives.

The Strategy envisions a prevention-oriented society where all sectors recognize the value of health for individuals, families, and society and work together to achieve better health for Americans.

 Family Health History

Because family health history is such a powerful screening tool, the Surgeon General created a free website to help make it fun and easy for anyone to create a portrait of their family’s health. My Family Health Portrait is a secure tool that takes about 20 minutes to create a unique family health portrait.

After completing the questions, the website creates a personalized “family health tree” that can be saved to a home computer. From there, families may update the information at any time. The tool can be shared with other family members, who can add their health information to the portrait.  The portrait also can be an informative tool to share with a health care provider. All information remains private.  The federal website does not retain the information once the tool has been used to assemble it. Create a family health portrait today!

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True Photo Dr. RonnieDr. Ronald W. Davidson (Dr. Ronnie) was like an older brother and mentor for me growing up in New Rochelle, NY. Ronald W. Davidson, M.D. Practitioner in Integrative Medicine; Acupuncturist  Deceased:  June 2006

Dr. Davidson was a second generation, General Practitioner in New York City, where he is in private practice. In addition to Western Medicine, he has studied & practices Eastern Medicine, and is a licensed Acupuncturist. Dr. Davidson is both a specialist in alternative medical systems and culinary anthropology. He held licenses from both the Medical Council for Jamaica, West Indies and The University of the State of New York in medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Davidson received his B.A. in Chemistry from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, and M.D. from the Howard University School of Medicine. He also apprenticed in Chinese Traditional Exercise Technique and Traditional Herbal/Surgical practices at Sifu Chiu Leun, Sil Lum Temple, and studied Kung Fu at Seven Star Praying Mantis. His studies of Eastern Medicine included courses in Acupuncture; and Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Medicine at John Lewis, M.D. medical clinic in Bethesda, Maryland.
He has been Informatics Section Head of Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center’s Psychiatric Department, and Systems Manager for the Local Area Network Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center within the Psychiatric Outpatient Department. Dr. Davidson has served as consultant to many groups, including: the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Substance in Abuse Intervention, where he established an Herbal-Dietary Formula for the Treatment of HIV Disease; The Consumer Affairs Office of Consumer Affairs Food and Drug Administration; the Association for Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Inc. (ADAPT) and Housing Works, Inc, where he formulated and established protocols for an acupuncture Detox Clinic; the Acupuncture Program at ADAPT.
Dr. Davidson held membership in: the National Medical Association, Among his awards are the Practitioner Award For Clinical Excellence by the National Medical Association, Categories I and II, the Chancellor’s Citation for Distinguished Achievement in Medicine (by Melvin A. Eggers – Chancellor of Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York); the Achievement of Skills in Eastern and Western Medicine Outstanding Practitioner Award; the Tree of Life Community Service Award for his work in their community based health and educational center in New York City; and the Charles Drew Award from Howard University Medical School’s Radiotherapy Department. He was also my brother belonging to the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

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