Robin Williams… A Soul Brother!

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We are all artists! Some are aesthetic and make things ideas, architecture, salvation, laughter, media and muse and others are material-oriented and they take things to cushion and to shape the world.

We all have fragile lives and are not immortals. Robin Williams the comedian and actor took genius in our species to very high places in our minds and hearts. The best of us have sociology, mathematics, engineering, science, art and anthropology naturally breathing in our works. He allowed his inner man to scale high-browed mountains; walk and stomp on stereotypes in painful and embarrassing valleys in our lives and histories; run across roads and archetypes stupidly designed; flow in rivers of our regrets but always accessible Robin Williams lived on the edges of our human levels in litmus of our fun and our fascination, embarrassment and tolerance. He taught us about ourselves and how we looked — on universal canvas in his work and he… made us laugh.

We live in a cold and shiny world of cash and precious metals. The mettal of our civilization is being weighed by God and saints; ancestors and elders; presidents and people; prophets and poets; writers and scholars; moms and dads; children and their toys; humans and comedians. Robin made a difference reaching all of us. He got our attention in an instant and now in an instant he is gone and never to be replaced.

Lesson for us all…

Let some direct “sun-shine” inside of you. Let a gentle and brilliant word resonate too and sow a song each day against what man takes. Because he takes: war, violence, cruelty, meanness, racism, murder, abuse, sexism, illiteracy, disease as what’s granted. Remember that when I shine/you shine. And that each and every day is not replaceable so we must shine and we be makers of a world and a better place.

Robin Williams had all the possessions of this world. I guess he didn’t hear enough that he generationaly has made a difference. He had all things but felt alone and what he knew most was that that [it] is a fragile life at best and that the shiny and the cold things will never make a difference and can never save what is our true mettal in our yet to be civilized flesh. Make a new day in honor of his life!

Robin Williams… May you have eternal rest and peace as a human brother with a verifiable soul.


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  1. Raye McCollum says:

    That was a beautiful article… brought tears to my eyes. You are very talented!

    Love you   Even God doesn’t plan to judge a man till the end of his days, why should you and I?    -Yazunari Remember – It takes both rain and SunRayes to make a rainbow -Brought to you *with love* from – The Diva that Shines!

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