Michael Brown Catalyzes… National Attention on Surrendering to be Murdered


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When hands are held high — it means one is ready for due process – according to our laws and not that one is making one’s self vulnerability enough as “a clear shot” for murder. We see once again that the nation is taking sides to “justify” this young man’s funeral in a way that would ‘not hold water’ if it were a child in anyone’s own family.

We can only dilute our democracy — but so much — and still lead the rest of the world with a true ideological conviction that equal justice exists here or anywhere else in principle. Unless we really believe (as a nation) that black or non-whites are truly not equal to others. We must remember that our soldiers and their families nonetheless include black people too. This is a mockery to their faithful and historic service. We are one human family and we are also interdependent inside the nation and on the face of this earth — and all of our kids need some kind of help to live, reach and have a future.

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