Angela’s Photo Groove: The 5th Annual African American Festival in Raleigh, NC. Bigger and Better!

                                                      By Angela Hollowayfest logo jus onceA band called Jus Once, a local R&B, hip hop, funk band rocked the crowd as they always do and in the true spirit of our  African American culture they also paid tribute to those we’ve lost, most notably Ruby Dee and Maya Angelou.

fest 1The loss of Michal Brown was not without mention as the crowd raised their arms in solidarity with Ferguson. “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”!

No one can deny the food, dance, music and culture is fun for the entire family.  face paint                                                             Zapped!

Where do I begin, the Zapp Band had the old school audience traveling down memory lane reconnecting with all of their past hits and introduced the younger crowd like the 15 year next to me to a not so new but relevant genre. When she stepped away for several minutes her father explained he was there spending time with his daughter and that she really didn’t want to be there. Oh and that was written all over her face but once the Zapp band hit the stage that scowl disappeared and “More Bounce to the Once” was more than just the title of a song. She was moving and grooving on the “Dance Floor” another of their hits.  wokIt’s hard to tell which of their hits the audience enjoyed most, it was just one big ole (old school) party! My favorite “Computer Love” rocked the audience to a super volcanic eruption. I love that Talk Box.  white hatTheir selfless entertainment included a visual feast of wardrobe changes.

zapp redIf there is one word that conveys the formula for the success of the Zapp Band, its “talent”.

zapp white suitsOne work that captures the experience of the audience “Zapped”!

last kids

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