Meet The Press: President Obama Shocked By Ray Rice Video – Violence Unexceptable!

Meet the press



Words from Calvin:

I am from New Rochelle and love my hometown more than most having served most of my life as a student leader. I do not know Ray. I know the Rice family however, very well and have fond memories being at Ray’s grandparents home. They were respectable and wonderful people who would be shaken by this entire incident.

From a man and father’s perspective (having two daughters)Ray needs a lot of counseling and help. As a teacher in North Carolina the discussion of the video came up in my high school classroom on Friday with mixed reviews based on his actions being justified or not. I also engaged a young family member (male) who thought the situation was funny. The issue of domestic violence, conflict resolution, bullying is not new and doesn’t change because you know and love a homeboy or his family. My son or me would have a hard time watching that happen to his sisters. There would be no peace. But there are many ways to get justice. Manhood is from the neck-up as the ole folks use to say. Heaven forbid. That was the only consensus in my classroom in North Carolina — if the foolish acting girl was a “family member” that changes the whole issue about right and wrong/ justified or not.

That video in my opinion is a father’s nightmare! I, imagine whether you have raised three children like me or your are the world’s most influential leader with two daughters — it would cause some reflection and concern.  It’s a nightmare whether the video was about a daughter or a son because you are watching someone think.You are watching someone unconscious and vulnerable enough to lose everything.

Black men especially, who are un-evolved hitting women is not acceptable. My Opinion: You slap a girl in my book means you think you are playing daddy; you punch her like she is a man to possibly hurt her for life and you’ve just decided to play God himself.

I have read in hometown news that kids are still in support of Ray and I am hoping that they are being mentored and talked with so that they separate his actions from love of a your person who has in recent past given back so much at home. Another newspaper reports that his former high school coach asked Ray to attend a football game next weekend — against the wishes of the high school principal. As a licensed principal, I would have suspended the coach for insubordination as long as I could keep him out of the building. Many coaches benefit from our boys playing and need to think a whole lot more about [our] achievement academically, maturation rates as educators, and social development given the influence of violent games and violent music cultures claiming the attention of our youth. Ray is free…today –fans of this behavior fill the prison system. Coaches have to care about the people in the stands too who are impressionable.

This is a very sad moment for Ray and for my hometown. His actions must not be a characterization of the City that I grew up in either or the level of maturity and self-respect of older Black men and some younger ones.

This is not another “stupid” thug-rap-video…It was a young man who worked hard to position himself for a great career and not for a life where whether you are Ray Rice or not “foolish” people will try to take your self-respect, earned position in life, freedom and existence for any number of reasons. And as my mother would say they could be man, woman, chick or chile. After this inexcusable display…  We have to talk to our boys and emerging adults now more than ever. This video reached the nation and even ‘meet the press’ for the White House to comment on it. We can do better!

Ray is New Rochelle family from one of the oldest in the city. Ray needs our help and he needs our prayers — he does not need to be party to further confusion of young men and young ladies about right and wrong or providing accommodations for violence. He needs to go to counseling instead of showing up at that game. He is not a victim and needs no ego repaired.

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The issue of violence has become a concern of the U.S. Surgeon General too

National Prevention Graphic







 There are Programs…for

Injury and Violence Free Living

Reducing injury and violence improves physical and emotional health. The leading causes of death from unintentional injury include motor vehicle-related injuries, unintended poisoning (addressed in the “preventing drug abuse and excessive alcohol use” chapter), and falls. Witnessing or being a victim of violence (e.g., child maltreatment, youth violence, intimate partner and sexual violence, bullying, elder abuse) are linked to lifelong negative physical, emotional, and social consequences.

Download and print these recommendations: Injury and Violence Free Living (PDF – 229 KB)


  1. Implement and strengthen policies and programs to enhance transportation safety.
  2. Support community and streetscape design that promotes safety and prevents injuries.
  3. Promote and strengthen policies and programs to prevent falls, especially among older adults.
  4. Promote and enhance policies and programs to increase safety and prevent injury in the workplace.
  5. Strengthen policies and programs to prevent violence.
  6. Provide individuals and families with the knowledge, skills, and tools to make safe choices that prevent violence and injuries.

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